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  • 5 Mediterranean decorative trends!

    Segraeti - 10 / Apr / 2023

    5 Mediterranean decorative trends!

    The Mediterranean is known for its picturesque landscapes, crystal clear blue waters and unique architecture. But did you know that Mediterranean decor is also a popular trend for modern interiors? The elements of Mediterranean decoration are a mixture of styles that reflect the influences of the cultures of the region. In this article, we present the 5 Mediterranean decorative trends to implement in your home this year.

    1. Use a neutral and natural color palette

    Using a neutral and natural color palette is a trend that is gaining popularity in the world of interior design in 2023. Neutral colors, such as white, beige and gray, are classic choices and timeless that bring a touch of calm and elegance to any room. In addition, natural colors, such as earth tones, greens and soft blues, create a calming and harmonious atmosphere, reminiscent of the colors of nature. One of the main reasons neutral and natural color palettes are so popular is their versatility. These colors can be used in any room, be it a living room, bedroom or even a kitchen. Plus, they can be easily combined with other colors and textures to create a unique style that reflects your personality.

    Neutral colors are also ideal for small spaces. Indeed, light colors tend to visually enlarge rooms, creating an illusion of space and light. Neutral colors are therefore a good choice if you are looking to maximize the available space while creating a comfortable and welcoming environment.

    By using a neutral and natural color palette, you can also create a soothing and relaxing environment. These colors are perfect for lounging spaces, such as bedrooms or bathrooms, where you can relax and rejuvenate after a long day. Finally, using neutral and natural colors can also help accentuate your furniture and decorative accessories. Indeed, neutral colors provide a clean background that allows your furniture and decorative items to shine. This can be especially useful if you have furniture or decorative items that you want to show off.

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    2. Add natural materials and textures

    Adding natural materials and textures is another popular decorative trend this year. Natural elements such as wood, rattan, leather, linen, cotton and jute bring warmth and texture to a room. By using these natural materials, you can create a comfortable and welcoming space that invites you to relax.

    1. Wood is one of the most popular natural materials when it comes to interior design. Whether for furniture, accessories or decorative elements, wood brings a rustic and warm touch to a room. Solid wood furniture, such as tables, chairs or shelves, is particularly popular and can be used in any room.
    2. Rattan is also a popular natural material for interior decoration. Rattan furniture, such as chairs, armchairs or coffee tables, brings a bohemian and natural touch to a room. Rattan is also a durable and hard-wearing material, making it a smart choice for high-traffic spaces.
    3. Leather is another natural material that is popular for interior decoration. Leather furniture, such as sofas or armchairs, is elegant and sophisticated, adding a touch of luxury to a room. Leather accessories, such as cushions or rugs, also add texture and warmth to a room.
    4. Linen and cotton are light and soft natural materials that bring texture and lightness to a room. Linen or cotton sheets are especially popular for the bedroom, providing a comfortable and stylish sleeping environment.
    5. Jute is a natural, textured material that is popular for rugs and baskets. Jute rugs add a rustic, natural touch to a room, while jute baskets are handy for storage while adding a touch of style.

    Mediterranean interior design is often defined by white, minimalist backdrops that are complemented by a lush layering of textures, colors and materials. In keeping with the bohemian decorating style, Mediterranean decor emphasizes natural elements. There are many ways to bring some of that coastal feel into your home through the use of natural materials, such as opting for decorative rattan pieces from Pagan and Giobagnara which you can find online at and in the Segraeti Mont-Carlo boutique. The use of linen curtains and cushions in natural colors also contribute to an undeniable Mediterranean atmosphere. In the same way, a bowl of fruit on your kitchen table will instantly evoke images of Provençal farmers' markets, like Alessi's Cactus fruit bowl, itself representing vegetation in an original way.

    By using natural materials and textures in your interior design, you can create a comfortable and warm space that invites you to relax. Natural materials add texture, depth and warmth to a room, creating a comfortable and welcoming environment. Whether you choose solid wood furniture, leather accessories or jute rugs, adding natural materials is a decorative trend not to be missed this year.

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    3. Add pops of color

    If you want to create a Mediterranean vibe in your home, adding pops of color is a great idea to achieve that. The warm, vibrant and rich colors of the Mediterranean can be used to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home.

    The typical colors of the Mediterranean are warm and rich tones, such as red, orange, yellow, blue and green. Red is a popular color for Mediterranean interior design, bringing a vibrant and passionate touch to a room. Orange is another warm and sunny color that can be used to create a warm and welcoming Mediterranean vibe.

    Blue is another popular color for Mediterranean interior design, reflecting the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. Shades of blue ranging from light blue to deep blue can be used to create a cool and calming atmosphere in a room. Green is also a popular color for Mediterranean interior design, reminiscent of the lush plants and olive trees of the region.

    Using patterns and textures is also a great way to add pops of color to your Mediterranean home decor. Floral patterns, mosaic tiles, and geometric patterns can be used to add pops of vibrant color to a room. Textiles like wall tapestries, throw pillows and rugs can also add texture and color to a room. Lemon and Sicilian patterns are very popular decorative elements in the Mediterranean region, especially in Italy and Sicily. These patterns bring a touch of freshness and vitality to your interior decoration, reminiscent of the lush gardens and juicy fruits of the sunny regions of the Mediterranean.

    Lemon patterns are especially popular for Mediterranean home decor, and can be found on a variety of items, such as cushions, tablecloths, curtains, rugs, and dinnerware. Lemons bring a vibrant and colorful touch to a room, evoking the warm, sunny colors of the Mediterranean. Lemon patterns can also be used to create a cohesive decorating theme throughout the home, creating a Mediterranean vibe.

    Sicilian motifs are also very popular for Mediterranean interior design. These patterns are often used on mosaic tiles, rugs and tablecloths, and bring a touch of elegance to a room. Sicilian patterns are often made up of geometric and floral designs, as well as bright, rich colors like red, blue, and green. These designs bring uniqueness and a touch of sophistication to your Mediterranean home decor. Whether you opt for lemon or Sicilian designs, adding these decorative elements is a great way to create a Mediterranean vibe in your home. These patterns bring a touch of freshness and vitality to your interior decoration, recalling the wonders of the Mediterranean and creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

    Additionally, because Mediterranean-style homes are typically found in warm, seaside locations, colors include sandy neutrals, stark blues, bright whites, and pops of bright yellows, pinks, oranges, and hues. Green. Neutral colors are popular with brands such as Guy Degrenne, Pagan, Riviere and Giobagnara, while bold colors are used by Jonathan Adler, Joana Buchanan and Alessi to add a touch of pop to your home and kitchen. In addition, Joana Buchanan and her brand new collection will seduce you and transport you to southern Italy with her design of lemons embellished with crystals.

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    4. Perfume your interior with Mediterranean scents

    Mediterranean scents are an important part of the culture of the region. The fresh, floral scents of the Mediterranean can add a touch of sophistication and authenticity to your Mediterranean home decor. Citrus fruits are key elements in Mediterranean scents, with notes of lemon, orange and bergamot reminiscent of the region's lush gardens. Floral scents like lavender, rose and orange blossom are also very popular, bringing a touch of softness and lightness to your interior decoration.

    There are many ways to perfume your home with Mediterranean scents. Scented candles are a great option, as they can be placed in any room and burned to release a pleasant scent into the air. Scent diffusers are also a great option, as they can be placed throughout a room for a constant release of fragrance.

    In addition to candles and fragrance diffusers, you can also use sachets of lavender or dried flowers to scent your interior. These sachets can be placed in wardrobes, drawers or closets to add a touch of Mediterranean scents to your clothes or linens.

    By perfuming your interior with Mediterranean scents, you can easily add a touch of authenticity and sophistication to your Mediterranean interior decoration. Whether you use candles, fragrance diffusers or sachets of lavender, these scents can create a pleasant and warm ambiance in your home, reminiscent of the wonders of the Mediterranean.

    Be inspired by the region and place an olive tree in an oversized ceramic flowerpot. If you have enough light, an orange or lemon tree will instantly transport you to the Sicilian coast. Lavender will add a soothing scent to your home, while rosemary, thyme, and basil are great to have in a Mediterranean kitchen.

    Also include these scents of the South by placing decorative elements such as scented candles and diffusers from Diptyque, Trudon or even the Roses candles from Baobab Collection, where you will find the scent of lavender, tomato, basil, and many others. plants. Find our selection at the Segraeti Monte-Carlo boutique and online at

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    5. Incorporate Japandi style

    The Japandi style is a unique blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design that is becoming increasingly popular in the interior design world. The Japandi style is characterized by its minimalism, functionality and understated elegance.

    Synonymous with contemporary Mediterranean decor, there are light and airy spaces that maximize natural light, in keeping with the Japandi style of decorating and incorporating plants and flowers, further detailed in our previous blog on decorating trends for 2023. This cool color palette bounces light around your home rather than absorbing it.

    The Japandi style is a great choice for Mediterranean homes because it can be used to strike the perfect balance between minimalism and comfort. The neutral and natural colors used in the Japandi style harmonize perfectly with Mediterranean decorative elements such as lemon patterns, natural textures and colorful touches. Furniture in the Japandi style is often made from natural materials such as wood and rattan, and is characterized by simple, clean shapes. Furniture can be combined with decorative accessories such as cushions, throws and rugs to create a warm and welcoming interior.

    The Japandi style is also perfect for Mediterranean homes due to its emphasis on plants and flowers. Plants can be used to add a touch of greenery to your Mediterranean home decor and can be placed in ceramic pots to add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

    By incorporating the Japandi style into your Mediterranean interior design, you can create a harmonious and relaxing ambiance in your home. The minimalism and functionality of the Japandi style can help showcase Mediterranean decor elements such as lemon patterns and natural textures, while adding a touch of sophistication and comfort to your home.

    In sum, Mediterranean interior design is a style of design inspired by homes found throughout the Mediterranean region of Europe. Although it is influenced by a multitude of countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea such as Spain, France and Italy, there are notably Greece, Malta, Morocco and Monaco which bring their unique touch in the decoration. Mediterranean. This rich culture will bring freshness to your interior while making you travel.

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